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Weaving Company Gebrüder Stuhr GmbH
Welcome to the homepage of the weaving company Gebr. Stuhr in Wuppertal. On following pages you will find some information about our weaving mill and our product range.
Gebr. Stuhr GmbH, the ribbon weaving mill in the former textile stronghold of Wuppertal, specialises in customer-related articles and orders. On our approximately 75 machines, which mostly are Jacquard needle weaving machines, we produce all types of ribbons up to a width of 20 cm.

Quality due to high standards

Our 25 employees process all common materials like natural linen, cotton and polyester to ribbons, woven hoses and braids. In addition to the industrial foremen, all employees of the weaving mill are trained ribbon weavers, who are called textile machine operators today. They operate a broadly specified machine park, which enables us to produce many types of belts.
Our jacquard machines are complemented by shaft weaving machines and ensure sufficient capacity, even for long-lasting orders. In our own design department we work with one of the latest CAD drawing systems. More than half of all weaving machines can be directly controlled electronically.

Who are we? Weaving mill Gebr. Stuhr in numbers
For more than 100 years, we have been manufacturing more than 30,000 different articles at our location in Wuppertal, which has approx. 75 machines and 25 colleagues in the meantime.
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30 000+
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For 100

RIBBON WEAVING GEBR. STUHR GMBH - Your specialist for woven tapes
From the small two-person ribbon weaving mill to the specialised Jacquard weaving mill with 25 employees today. The company was founded as a small outdoor weaving mill, but today we are an Europe-wide supplier and a ultra-modern ribbon weaving mill for all woven ribbons, belts and tubes up to approx. 20cm width.
The Stuhr ribbon weaving mill has so far produced more than 30,000 different articles so far; from hat ribbons in the early days of ribbon weaving, to trouser covers and braids, to protective tubes with jacquard interweaving and implants, which we manufacture in our bobbin lace department.
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For more than 100 years we have been manufacturing ribbons and special articles for medical technology at two locations in Wuppertal. We have our greatest strength and know-how in the field of Jacquard weaving. In addition to standard articles such as waistbands and trouser protectors, we also produce technical tapes and belts with and without writing and logo weaving.

Thanks to our extensive machine park, we are able to convert almost all customer requirements into woven ribbons. From simple shaft looms to partial jacquard machines to ultra-modern air-jet looms, we are very broadly positioned.

Pipings. Often used as a feed divider in jackets, waistbands or shirt collars.

Classics. Stable and stretched ribbons, often used for processing in the waistband of trousers as brand carriers.

Stretched ribbons. Very often used for more comfort in the clothing of leading manufacturers.

Functional textiles. Mostly for industry, e. g. flame-retardant edging tapes, hoses with Velcro fasteners.

The weaving hall
The heart of ribbon weaving
Besides many "standard" products such as trouser protectors and shirt stoppers in stable, we produce many articles with stretch. We can offer almost any tape, with or without logo or text weaving, in stretched form. Thanks to the very extensive machine park, which starts with simple shaft looms and ends with ultra-modern air jet looms, we are able to meet almost all customer requirements.
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